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Our company produces all kinds of polyurethane machinery, complete set of polyurethane equipment and polyurethane composite materials

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Provide overall plan planning: machinery, mold, raw materials, to the full range of technology services for you

Zhejiang Lingxin Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Zhejiang Lingxin Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of series polyurethane equipment and compound materials. The company is located in Ruian International Automobile and Motorcycle Industrial Park, Zhejiang Province, with a construction area of more than 10,000 square meters. It is a leading enterprise in China's polyurethane machinery technology.

Leading new company has always been adhering to the enterprise spirit of “seeking truth and being pragmatic, technological innovation”, introducing advanced technology and equipment from home and abroad, possessing dozens of patents...

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Provide overall program planning for transportation, construction, industry and other industries

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Has LingXin companies adhering to the "practical, scientific and technological innovation" the enterprise spirit of the introduction of domestic and foreign advanced technology and equipment, with dozens of patents, focus on polyurethane equipment and composite materials research and development, can float subsequently for furniture, home, home appliances, construction, transportation industry, shoe leather industry, medical industry, sports industry, packaging industry users with all kinds of polyurethane equipment, composite materials, surrounding material and production technology support for the integration of integrated services

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The dedicated after-sales team will make you worry-free after sales. We are developing towards safety and environmental protection, and we will create a modern life care service for you, and a strong after-sales team support.


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Provide overall program planning: machinery, molds, processes, raw materials, to the production of one-stop full service

Zhejiang Lingxin Machinery Co., Ltd.

Provide automated video mechanical technology solutions The products are sold all over the country and are well received by customers.


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How to prevent foaming in polyurethane foaming machine

How to prevent foaming in polyurethane foaming machine1. Strictly control the ratio and injection volume of the stock solutionControl the ratio of black material, combined polyether and cyclopentane. When the total injection amount is constant, if the proportion of black material is too...More→

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Use and maintenance of polyurethane pouring machine

The low pressure machine and the high pressure machine of polyurethane pouring machine are both used for splitting polyurethane. The low pressure machine relies on the hig...More→

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